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The Yunite network is still in its infancy – so not all features of the site are ready yet. We are working flat out to be ready to launch on time on 01.11.2022. Join our email list if you would like to be notified about the following features:

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What are you interested in?Important topics taken further - exchange ideas with like-minded people


Cooperation, action alliances, solidarity, aid


Building, living communities, self-sufficiency, Tiny Houses, vegetable garden


Oil, gas, coal, wind, hydropower, biogas, nuclear energy, pipelines, climate change


Human rights, laws, regulations


Money, financial system, alternative currencies, cryptocurrencies, exchange


Animals, plants, agriculture, ecology, biodiversity


Medicine, nutrition, WHO, vaccinations, pollutants, radioactivity

Body & Movement

Sports, Yoga, Massage, Dancing, Relaxation

What is Yunite?

You have informed yourself and understood that we have to take care of our own interests and our future?
That only together we have a chance?

Yunite is the next step! Yunite is the networking platform to create a livable future with others. We have allowed ourselves to be isolated and divided for far too long.

Discuss exciting topics, join groups or start your own, network with like-minded people, find solutions. If you share our values and have a respectful attitude, we welcome ideas and contributions – even for Yunite itself.

»Be yourself the change you wish to see in this world.«
Mahatma Gandhi

Your data belongs to you and only you! We will never share them with third parties. You can delete all your data including all your posts or download them as a Jason file.

No other data about you will be stored in the system.

What are you waiting for? Become part of Yunite and change the world!

Together we are strong!