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Explainer video

How to use Yunite a video explaining all functions – in german language, as of 10.11.2022.


Join the Yunite – Development & Vision group and exchange ideas with the group members.

Goal of the group: Where are we going with Yunite – what are the next features we need to make the platform shine.

Click here to join the group.


Yunite insists on the open source software Ocelot – here you can see the current development status.


The quick guide is the main readme on the repository page.

Or the docu table of contents.

More can be found at Busfaktor – the association supports interested programmers to get started here.


Groups are the core of Yunite. This is where contact and exchange take place. You can join as many groups as you like.

There are public groups that share all information with non-group members, and there are closed groups that share information only with their members. These groups can be found and anyone can apply for membership, and there are secret groups that cannot be found on Yunite and can only be joined by personal invitation.



We would like to sincerely thank all our donors. It is you who make this network possible! We receive no support from the state or the private sector. This is the only way we can remain independent.